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The House of Tailored Lashes

About Us

                      The House of Tailored Lashes was created to make women feel beautiful and look glamorous with fabulous lashes. These lashes are considered “Residents” at The House of Tailored Lashes. We aim to bring you the many styles and exclusive limited edition lashes all year round. We have developed a passion for selecting tailored lashes that will fulfill many looks and match different personalities as such: exotic, elegant, pleasant, daring, sophisticated, classy, chill and etc.

                       The House of Tailored Lash “Residents” are each designed with a tailored pattern and customization of straight thick and thin strips for an attractive yet natural appearance. The tailored fluffy and soft texture gives you a sultry 3D effect. Just like your natural lashes, these tailored mink lashes are longer towards the center, making them a perfect choice for an everyday glam or anytime you want to add that extra "WOW" factor to your eyes.

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What are the eyelashes made of?

The House of Tailored Lashes are made of 100% Mink fur. We use the highest quality, which is always cruelty-free and hypo-allergenic.
Each pair of lashes have been properly sterilized and sanitized for safe use. The band is made of cotton so it is light-weight and comfortable to wear.

How many times can you reuse the lashes?

The House of Tailored Lashes are carefully handcrafted and made to last through multiple wears. With proper care, each pair can be worn up to 20+ times. Whenever you "undress" your eyes, please make sure to gently remove the glue from the lashes with makeup remover and place them in their tray or a lash case in order to maintain the natural shape and protect them from any dust and bacteria.

How do I care for my Tailored Lashes?

Our tailored lashes are made to last for multiple uses, but to ensure the longevity of your lashes, make sure to have a regular maintenance routine for your lashes. Glue and old makeup can build up and make your lashes look worn out and old, so follow these tips to provide the proper care your lashes deserve. 
After removing your lashes from your eyes, getting rid of the old glue is important. Hold the lash by the base and GENTLY peel the glue off using either your fingers or a pair of tweezers. Do not pull on the hairs as they may fall out of the band. Keep your lashes safe by storing them in their original tray or our lash box. By doing so, your lashes will be protected for any dust and bacteria, maintain it's shape, and look fabulous for each wear!

Do you offer international shipping?

We love our International friends and are trying our best to keep our shipping fees at a minimum. We are currently working on this.

Do The House of Tailored Lashes only come in one size?

Yes, The House of Tailored Lashes come in one standard size and length so you can customize them and trim them to be the perfect fit for your eyes.

Lash Extension Service Available?

The House of Tailored Lashes is excited to announce our Lash Extension Services. We are available to Tailor your eye with the unique application of individual lashes. Classic, Hybrid, Volume and Mega-Volume styles Available.

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